Work Health and Safety

Employers seeking to achieve safe and compliant workplaces understand the need to invest in effective WHS training for their workers. Trans-Plant Training offers a range of short courses designed to ensure that the specific WHS training needs of workers at all levels of any organisation are met.

Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd Entry Requirements:

  • SafeWork NSW WHS White Card or interstate equivalent
  • Adequate literacy & numeracy skills
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number
  • Health and Safety Committees have a key role to play in assisting employers to monitor, implement and maintain the WHS Management System in the workplace. WHS Committees provide a forum for consultation, coordination and cooperation on workplace health and safety issues. Health and Safety Committee members need to understand their role as representatives of the other members of their work group and know how to contribute effectively to their employer’s health and safety management system and programs. This course will provide committee members with the skills and knowledge required to enable them to carry out this role effectively.
  • Topics covered will include:
    • WHS legislation and legal responsibilities
    • Legal basis for consultation and WHS committees
    • Benefits of effective consultation
    • Consensus decision making procedures
    • Effective meeting practices
    • Implementing WHS Committees meeting outcomes
    • Roles for Health and Safety Committee members
  • Supervisors and Managers have a key role to play in ensuring that employers are meeting their legal obligations under the WHS Act NSW 2011. It is part of the employer’s duty of care to ensure that supervisors and managers receive safety training and have the required skills and knowledge to implement the duty of care on behalf of the employer. They must provide workers under their supervision with a safe work environment, safe systems of work, safe plant and equipment, safe management of hazardous substances and to ensure that workers under their supervision are competent to carry out assigned tasks. They are responsible to provide the information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that this is the case. This course will provide supervisors and managers with the safety training to fulfil this role.
  • Topics covered will include:
    • WHS legislation and the duty of care of supervisors and managers
    • Case studies
    • Risk management processes
    • Getting the best out of the consultation process
    • Engaging workers in WHS processes
    • Specific risk assessment tools and processes
    • Action planning for effective WHS outcomes
    • Safety Training obligations
  • Workplace incidents can have a significant impact on a workplace. They can lead to high costs associated with workers compensation claims and insurance premiums, prosecution and fines under the WHS Act (NSW) (2011); loss of skilled workers, decrease in morale and lowered commitment to the workplace by workers who may fear for their safety and feel undervalued in a workplace that has high rates of incidents or has experienced a serious incident. Effective incident investigation enables employers, managers, supervisors, health and safety representatives and others involved in the incident investigation process to identify the causes of incidents accurately and enables them to implement effective controls, so that the likelihood of incidents recurring is reduced. Incident investigation is a necessary part of a compliant management system; and if done well will contribute significantly to a safer, healthier workplace.
  • Topics covered include:
    • Costs of workplace incidents
    • Legal implications arising from workplace incidents
    • Identifying and analyzing of the causes of workplace incidents
    • Effective techniques
    • Incident case studies
    • Documenting and reporting outcomes of investigations
    • Implementing corrective actions

To enrol in this course, please call us on 0491 249 029 or 02 4736 4735 to reserve your place, as places are limited.