Learner Handbook

Expectations of each learner is outlined in the Learner Handbook. Please see pdf below.


USI – Unique Student Identification Number

As of 1st January 2015 all students undertaking a Nationally Recognised Training Course MUST have a USI (Unique Student Identification) Number. If you do not have one you can log onto and create one. For further information refer to the USI information sheet or the USI Privacy Notice below.

USI-Unique Student Identifier information USI Privacy Notice

LLN – Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Check

Language, Literacy and Numeracy levels have been mapped for each course in an effort to demonstrate the minimum levels that may be required in the workplace, and to competently undertake training.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills checks are used by Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd to identify any reasonable adjustment strategies that may need to be implemented for students with support needs, and are not an assessable component of Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd.’s courses.

Level 2-3 LLN determines if participants are able to demonstrate:

  • Ability to read appropriate signage, instructions, and information for the tasks required, and can read and interpret plans that include specialised symbols.
  • Completes a range of forms requiring routine and factual data (e.g. WHS records, inspection reports, and checklists).
  • Demonstrates language use appropriate to different interactional purposes (e.g. gives an opinion and explanation, makes an enquiry or seeks clarification, communicating using radio equipment).
  • Uses appropriate tools and technological devices to measure, estimate and calculate length, speed, and distance.

Level 4-5 LLN determines if participants are able to demonstrate:

  • Review relevant legislation and regulations relevant to the job role, and evaluate the validity of information sources.
  • Prepare data, complex information, and instructions for stakeholders to complete the required works.
  • Actively participate in workplace negotiations and meetings, to explore issues and problem solve.
  • Use and apply relevant ratios, rates and proportions in designing and reviewing worksite documentation.
  • Use specialised technology and tools, relevant to the job.

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

Students wanting to obtain an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for any of the courses that Trans-Plant Training P/L offer will need to complete the “RPL application”. Please contact our office on 02 4736 4735 or alternatively you can download the file below and forward the completed form to

RPL Information Kit V2

Refund Policy

Trans-Plant Training P/L’s Refund Policy is outlined in the Refund policy form found below. Anything further should be forwarded to

Refund Policy V2.3

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and appeals regarding any number of items should be forwarded to Trans-Plant Training in writing to at your earliest convenience. For further information regarding our complaints and appeals processes, please refer to the documents below.

Complaints Policy and Procedure V3 Assessment Appeal Policy and Procedure V2.5

Complaints and Appeals Form V2.3