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Traffic Management Designer

This training course provides comprehensive information to assist engineers, project managers, and plan designers who are engaged in the preparation of work zone traffic management, to inspect traffic control plans, to select and modify a standard plan, or to design site specific plans. This work zone traffic management course covers all the key elements of any traffic management plan.

Course Overview

This course provides the skills and knowledge required for individuals responsible for developing traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes to perform a
preliminary risk assessment of a temporary traffic management site and select, modify and design traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes.

This course does not qualify a participant to control traffic with a stop/slow bat, or boom gate, or set up work with traffic control plans.

This program is suited to experienced traffic control/management operators.

To obtain a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training (TCWT) card, training and assessment must be carried out by a SafeWork NSW approved training provider.

Learning outcomes

Prepare a work zone traffic management plan(TMP)

Collect all required information about a given roadwork project to enable the preparation of a TGS/TMP

Design a TGS/TMP, based on risk assessment, statutory and regulatory requirements, standards, road authority requirements and project brief

Select and modify a TGS/TMP based on risk assessment, statutory and regulatory
requirements, standards, road authority requirements and project brief

Draw up a TGS/TMP to recognise other graphical representations such as
pedestrian movement plans, vehicle movement plans, and notification of authorities

Determine the recommended spacing between signs and traffic control devices in
line with standards; measure width of trafficable surface, calculate edge clearances to barriers, cones and clearance to work personnel.Incorporate environmental management plans

Conduct an onsite check and inspection of the plan and to identify any unexpected hazards/risks

ldentify approvals required; identify approval agencies, types of approvals for roadway access, railway reserve access, authority to install signs on roads, variation to standards

Understand speed, environment, type and class of vehicles, traffic density, sight lines, environmental condition, weather patterns and surface type

Monitor and interpret control systems to apply to the drawing, selection and design.

Use approved methods and follow recognised local legislation

Use the site/location assessment, distinguish topographical landmarks and carry out
authorised risk control

Collate traffic volume data, type and class of vehicles

Determine lane capacity, road network performance and lane closure restrictions.

ldentify impacts from any concurrent or adjacent works

ldentify times and dates of any planned public events that may result in increased or
redistributed traffic patterns

ldentify affected stakeholders and type of notification required and prepare notifications

Calculate costings for TMP development and implementation

Units of Competency

RIICWD503E Prepare traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes
RIIRIS402E Carry out risk management process

Recommended target audience

It applies to those individuals responsible for developing traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes.


$900.00 course fee (inclusive of training, assessments, 90 day SafeWork NSW Statement of Completion certificate, Statement of Attainment, and SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training Card)

Course pre-requisite

  • There are no training package pre-requisites for these units of competency.

    It is recommended that you have experience in traffic control and in implementing traffic control plans


  • Classroom activities
  • Theory questionnaire and group activities
  • Use of regulatory and statutory manuals and documents
  • Project management that includes case studies and document preparation
  • Use of TMP/TGS development software

Assessment Requirement

Assessments are to be completed as per the RII Resources and Infrastructure training package requirements, whereby all units of competency must be assessed by qualified assessors (in the context of traffic control at worksites)


Assessments will include:

    • Theory questionnaires and activities
    • Practical activities and observation (by a SafeWork NSW approved assessor)
    • Development of TGS/TMPs
    • Development of two (2) Traffic Management Plan projects
    • Provision of workplace samples and documentation

Entry Requirements

  • Must be 17 years of age and above
  • Must provide Evidence of Identity for 100 points (original documentation)
    • Evidence to demonstrate Australian / New Zealand Citizenship or Residency
    • Failure to meet the ID requirements means you cannot commence the course
    • Overseas Student Visa holders are NOT permitted to enrol in this course
  • Have physical ability to complete practical assessments
  • Attend Trans-Plant Training Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test
  • Must provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

On Completion

On successful completion of Traffic Management Designer, participants will be issued with a Statement of Completion issued by Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd, and a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Competency Card, issued by SafeWork NSW


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