RIIRTM301D Operate a Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuator                            


Facilitation of this accredited course can be conducted nationally within a client’s work site or applicable work site for Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuators, pending minimum booking numbers.


Entry Requirements:

  • SafeWork NSW WHS White Card or interstate equivalent

  • Heavy Vehicle Licence of the appropriate class to operate the TMA.

  • RIISS00055 Work Zone Traffic Control – Implement Traffic Control Guidance Plan Skill Set

  • Adequate literacy & numeracy skills

  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number











All drivers of truck mounted attenuator trucks have one of the most important jobs of all crew members; they are responsible in ensuring all other members of the crews are adequately protected from out of control or errant vehicles in or around a work zone, a trafficable lane or a road reserve.

Truck Mounted Attenuators are an ENGINEERING CONTROL MEASURE as stated in the Hierarchy of Control as per the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

TMA’s are designed to safely absorb the kinetic energy of an inerrant vehicle should it impact into to it, drivers must have the knowledge and understanding for work crew safety of correct location, providing suitable SHUNT FORWARD DISTANCE requirements and providing adequate warning systems for work crew and travelling public if possible.

All employees that drive a TMA must as a Duty of Care and Chain of Responsibility receive suitable and adequate training to allow the operator to safely be able to conduct their duties and work commitments. Post training of TMA operators will also include an assessment than every participant MUST SUCCESSFULLY DEMONSTRATE the correct procedures of conducting pre-start and post operational checks, correct deployment, operational methods and pack-up of TMA, implementing appropriate plans including correct shunt forward distance based on different scenarios.



1 day (8 hours)


$650.00, inclusive of training, assessment, Statement of Attainment, and Competency (VOC) Card

Units of Competency

RIIRTM301D Operate a Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuator

Topics Covered

  • History of TMA’s

  • Definitions

  • Specifications of TMA’s

  • Responsibilities of TMA Drivers

  • Worksite Hazard and Risk Management

  • Guidelines for the Safe operation of TMA

  • Checking for Reported Faults and Defects

  • External Pre-Operational Checks of TMA

  • Internal Pre-Operational checks of TMA

  • Communications Protocol

  • CCTV Operation

  • Functions of Truck Mounted Attenuator

  • Functions of TMA arrow board operations

  • Functions of TMA Variable Message Board

  • Entering and Exiting Traffic with a TMA

  • Safe deployment of Truck Mounted Attenuator

  • Safe deployment of additional Truck Mounted Attenuators

  • Host Vehicle Duties

  • Barrier Vehicle Duties

  • Shadow Vehicle Duties

  • Secondary Shadow (blocker) Vehicle Duties

  • Advance Warning / Tail Vehicle Operations

  • Shunt Forward Distances Tables

  • Shunt Forward Influencing Factors

  • Driver Behaviour

  • Common TMA Deployment Practices

  • Golden Rules

  • Positioning of TMA

  • Safe Pack Up of TMA

  • Safe Stationary Operations

  • Safe Mobile Operations

  • Emergency Planning

  • Incident and Accident Reporting

  • Post Operational Checks of TMA

  • Completion of Vehicle Log Books

  • Traffic Control plans for typical scenarios.

  • Various plans: i.e. Freeway and tollway work, highway work, stationary and mobile work

Upon Successful completion of the above training and assessment program, the participant will be issued with a National Statement of Attainment RIIRTM301D Operate a Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuator and a Credit Card Sized Verification of Competency (VOC) Card with Photograph Identification of Operator. Participant will also receive a Handbook for Truck and Trailer Mounted Attenuator.

Our costs are inclusive of Training, Certificates, ID Cards and Assessments.

To enrol in this course, please call us on 1800 577 301 to reserve your place as places are limited.

Nationally Recognised Training Courses conducted by Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd are done under RTO#: 21488 are applied by qualified Trainers & Assessors.

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