Upcoming Western Sydney Infrastructure & Road Projects

Bringelly Road upgrade by Roads and Maritime Services is a Western Sydney Infrastructure Project

The future is bright for career opportunities within the traffic control and construction industry with Roads and Maritime Services planning new and upgraded major arterial roads to ensure Sydney’s west is ready for the population growth ahead.

Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan projects are listed below:

Western Sydney Airport

Sydney’s second airport is due to open in 2026 providing additional aviation capacity to meet growing population demands of Sydney’s west and provide convenient air travel to people in the western suburbs. WSA is one of Australia’s most notable infrastructure projects in decades providing employment opportunities for people in the west and generating economic activity. The Western Sydney Airport is located within the suburb of Badgerys Creek.

The Northern Road upgrade

This multi-stage project plans to upgrade a total distance of 35 kilometers between Glenmore Park and South Penrith to provide essential infrastructure to enable the building of the Western Sydney Airport as well as improving safety, decreasing travel times, and aiding the economic growth of the region. The project. With planning approval received, construction is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2018 and completion of the first stage—Mersey Road to Eaton Road—expected to open by 2020.
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Bringelly Road upgrade

As part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan to support major growth areas located in Western Sydney, the Bringelly Road upgrade is a major road widening along 10 kilometers between Camden Valley Way and The Northern Road. The project was divided into two major stages, with Stage 1 of construction beginning in January 2015 and expected to finish by late 2018. Stage 2 is then expected to begin construction in late 2018, with the completion date set at some time in 2019 to 2020.

M12 Motorway

The M12 Motorway is a key piece of infrastructure under the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan created by the Australian and NSW governments to grant access to the upcoming Western Sydney Airport and increase road capacity and traffic safety within the rapidly-growing economic region. A preliminary design was unveiled for the M12 Motorway in February 2018, with major construction expected to begin by early 2020.

Glenbrook intersection upgrade

Having previously been identified as a State Black Spot location (sites with proven crash history or high-risk locations), work is underway at the Glenbrook Intersection to deliver major infrastructure upgrades to support integrated transport within the region. Provisions are underway to increase efficiency and traffic flow and maintain the safety of both motorists and pedestrians along the route. Construction began on the project in May 2018 and is currently expected to finish by the end of 2018.