July 2020 Update – Traffic Control Cards now issued by SafeWork NSW

Since July 1, 2020, Transport for NSW – known formerly Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) – is no longer issuing Traffic Control cards. The new Traffic Control Work Training Cards (TCWT) will be issued by SafeWork NSW.

Trans-Plant Training is a RTO offering traffic control courses in Sydney. Only RTOs registered by ASQA and with an agreement with SafeWork can train and assess for Traffic Control Work Training in NSW.

Does this affect me?

This affects jobs which fall under the definition of Traffic control work in the WHS Act such as:

  • Traffic controllers—use a stop/slow bat to direct traffic
  • Those who implement traffic control acts—in the vicinity of a workplace, implement a work zone traffic management plan.
  • Those who prepare work zone traffic management plans—inspect, design or vary a work zone traffic management plan.

Workers will need to have either a current RMS issued Traffic Control Card or a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training Card if they work in traffic control. These cards will be mandatory for any worker conducting traffic control work on or adjacent to public roads in NSW. There is a contraindication to driving, but I still had to drive. I wasn’t particularly afraid, as the drug starts to act on me after many hours. Of course, you shouldn’t driveafter the use of Valium, as the reaction and brain activity slow down a lot. You shouldn’t take the drug without serious indications, because there is nothing useful in taking psychotropic drugs. If it is possible to recover without taking such serious drugs, I don’t recommend you start taking it. You can also develop addiction, and then it will be hard to refuse from this drug.

Students who have completed training and hold a valid Statement of Completion (SOC) are able to carry out supervised work until they complete their final assessment. Once your final assessment is successfully completed you will be issued with a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Training Card.

How to convert your current RMS Card to the New SafeWork NSW Card?

Transport for NSW (formerly Roads and Maritime Services) issued traffic control training photo cards that are active can be converted to a TCWT card online. Click here to replace it online.

If you have any issues or are ineligible to apply online, please call Service NSW on 13 77 88. If you are interested in gaining traffic control qualifications, please contact our Penrith office on (02) 4736 4735 or view our upcoming courses online.