Austroads Releases New Guidelines for Traffic Management

Austroads, the peak organisation for road transport and traffic agencies in Australia and New Zealand, have recently released new Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM).

The Guide is a 4 year collaborative project between Austroads, Australasian transport agencies and industry, provides guidance for the planning, design and implementation of safe, economical and efficient temporary traffic management designs.

The Guide to Temporary Traffic Management covers a breadth of situations and circumstances that may be encountered in respective fields and has the aim of harmonising temporary traffic management practice in Australia and New Zealand.

Part 1 of the guide provides an introduction to the discipline of temporary traffic management practices and overall structure and contents. Other parts of the guide are titled as follows:

• Part 2: Traffic Management Planning
• Part 3: Static Worksites
• Part 4: Mobile Works
• Part 5: Short Term Low Impact Worksites
• Part 6: Field Staff – Implementation and Operation
• Part 7: Traffic Controllers
• Part 8: Processes and Procedures
• Part 9: Sample Layouts
• Part 10: Supporting Guidance

Trans-Plant Training would like to make all road practitioners aware of these guidelines in order for us to abide by them during training and in the line of professional work. To see the new guidelines in full, visit the official Austroads website.